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Default Re: whats the difference between ep fibers and neer hair?

Well first off they are both fur replacements. Since some fur is hard to come by or some people say fur is murder so this is the next best thing. From what I found neer hair comes a bit longer then EP. Most info on neer hair I find is that it is like craft fur but with more crimp. Also I do beleave that there is just a bit differance in diameter between the two but could not conferm this in any web info. To me the EP looks just a bit thinner, if it is or isnt I guess is very little. Also the neer hair looks shinnyer to me except for the EP sparkle. Intrestingly enough, I think there are so few differances between them that to each his own. There could be a need for the more crimping from the neer hair. It all is in how the fibers are used. Post a link or pics of the pattern and we can get more info for ya.
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