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Default Re: Water Temps. East

Originally Posted by FlyGal View Post
Brook like it cold, rainbows & browns enjoy cold to warmer waters early 60's.

Right now with the rivers still high from melt it will take a bit for the fish to kick into action. I was told by a NH state biologist that when the rivers are kicked up like this the Ph shifts and has a doping affect on the fish. This was why high water is never as productive as normal levels.

Our rivers in the Mtns of NH are running near or at 50 degrees. It's Normal. Our fish are only just starting to wake up on the lakes & ponds, it will take a few more weeks for the rivers to start turning on.

How far up the state are you located?

Thanks both for the feedback :-) I'm up here (or down here depending where you are) in the Quechee, VT area. Been fishing in the Ottaquechee mostly (close to home) which is running high and cloudy though in some spots I've been able to toss around in a nymph in 2' - 5' of water. There's some productive looking water and I *know* there must be fish hanging out down there...somewhere :-)
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