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Default Some "Non-Fly" Manitoba Trophies

I just had to post some pics here. These are 3 of my 7 Manitoba Master Angler fish -
They were not taken on flies, but I post them as a reference as to what is available in Manitoba and also to set the bar for my challenge to myself to "Meet or Beat" these with a fly rod.
The "Whatisit" is a fly(?) made from a plastic hearing protector.... I cant wait to get this in the water.
In the past few months I have made dozens of flies to learn and practice the art. I have now purchased some proper materials and hope to make some recognisable flies soon. What I need is to finf a fly tyer close to me that I can watch and learn some of the tricks of the trade.
I will be 70 on my next birthday and by then I hope to have landed more trophy fish and enjoyed a few fish dinners.
By the way, fishermen heading south for next winter: One of my top US spots is Bear Canyon Reservoir near Silver City new Mexico. It is stocked bi-weekly with nice sized Rainbows. For 7 consecutive days I started around 8 a.m. and by 10 a.m. had my limit of 8 nice trout.

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