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Default Re: Water Temps. East

If you are really intrested in how fish will react to the water temp, dont use a fly. A small spoon or small spinner can tell you a ton about how the fish will react when looking to feed. I know some areas are fly ownly so if that is your case, try some sort of streamer that is a bit more aggressive. Back to the spinner...if a fish is willing to chase down and pumble a spinner you know the water is right for them to be aggressively feeding. If they do not want to hit the lure or do it sluggishly then you know something that is a bit easier or natural could prove to be key to catching fish. Also since it is spring, matching the bugs that are coming out is very importance. Some bugs hatch best in a set temp, this could and often does put fish into a feeding mode since they know they can feed heavily since food is all over. Often when that happens fish become less warry. On the other hand, if a fish isnt feeding much, they maybe picky to hit something when food or possible food comes their way.
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