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Default Re: Yellowstone or Wind River

I'm planning a similar trip to Wyoming for this summer. I think I'm going to go to the Wind River Range (though where specifically, I'm not entirely's a big place). Part of my own decision is that it'll mostly be a backpacking trip and I don't like crowds (not that the Yellowstone backcountry is crowded), but the other part of that is simply that there are a lot fewer grizzley bears in the Winds (none in the southern part of the range, as I understand it). Grizzleys kind of freak me out, to be honest...

I don't think August was a mistake, although the area around Jackson Hole can definitely get some routine afternoon thunderstorms almost every day, if that's what you're referring to.

Also, the previous poster makes a good point, "what are you looking to get out of this trip?" This would help us give you more relevant responses.
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