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Question Southeastern Dry Flies!

Hey guys! I'm relatively new to the sport, but after a GREAT amount of research, I've put together a list of what dry flies I think complete the southeastern lineup! Please offer advice, input, suggestions, etc. I'm looking for feedback on sizes, additional flies, redundancy, etc, to see if I'm headed in the right direction... My goal is to attempt to build the simplest boxes possible, but attempt to cover multiple hatches at the same time!

Adams #12-18 (MUST HAVE!)
Light Cahill/Dark Cahill #16-18 (MUST HAVE!)
BWO #18-24 (hatch specific, but MUST HAVE!)

Sulphur #16-18 (can use light/dark Cahill) (not necessary)
Quill Gordon #12-14/Red Quill #14/Blue Quill #18 (???)
Ginger Quill #14 (???)
March Brown #12 (hatch specific, not a general pattern)
Hendrickson #14 (hatch specific, not a general pattern)
Yellow Sally #14-16 (hatch specific)
Gray Fox #14, 16 (hatch specific, but IS a good general pattern)

Elk Hair Caddis:
Olive #14-18 (MUST HAVE!)
Tan/Brown #14-18 (???)
Gray #14-18 (???)
Black #18 (hatch specific, black caddis, small black stonefly)
Orange #12-14 (October caddis)
Yellow #16 (hatch specific, little yellow caddis, yellow stonefly)
Peacock #18 (small dark caddis, small black stonefly) (MUST HAVE!)

*Griffith’s Gnat #18-22 (MUST HAVE!)
*Midge (black, cream, olive, yellow, gray) #18-24 (MUST HAVE!)

*Stimulator (olive, orange, yellow) #10-16 (MUST HAVE!)
*Royal Wulff/Tennessee Wulff/Lime Wulff #12-16 (MUST HAVE!)
*Humpy (yellow, red) #14-16 (MUST HAVE!)

Well... what do you think?
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