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Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour...Chicago show!

Hopefully!!! We'll see what happens but based on last night I would say it will be back next year!

It was a least I thought so. I want to thank all of you who showed up. I obsessed over this thing for three months wondering if anybody would show...and you did!

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The theater seats 180 and I think we were very close to selling it out so I couldn't be happier for a first time event. I think the crowd really got into the films, they yelled when they should have, laughed when they should was perfect. The sponsors came up huge, there was a ton of stuff to give away and I think everyone left happy. The proudest moment though would be selling out almost all of the beer before the show even started. The theater dude had to do a beer run before intermission. Nice work!

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And after it is all said and done, a couple local TU chapters hopefully will have some monies for their coffers...

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Thanks to all of you who helped me out...and perhaps we'll do it again next year!

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