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Default Re: Dumb Question Regarding Hooksets

All great points. When fishing, be it for Tarpon, or Bluegills, I first make sure that leader, line, tippet are all straightened and supple. Any one of these with a few coils or a bit of snaking and you have to be constantly regauging and strike accordingly. Much easier to know everything is straight and then lift or slip strike just enough to set the hook but not tear out mouths or break tippets. Longer leaders will definately add cushion as does a soft tip rod, or canting the rod a bit when setting with a slip strike. It's a balancing act for sure and here's how I handle it.

I use a slip strike if at all possible as to me it's more exact and just by adding a bit of bend in the rod by lifting it or canting it to the side, I can protect a light leader. If high sticking or fishing over weeds, I go to a sombined slip/lift strike but make sure all is in a straight line except for the line droop from the rod tip to the water and then jerk line and lift accordingly to set the hook. Should one change to a lighter tippet, a shock absorbing leader, or a longer, more absorbing leader and you do have to readjust your strike. One things for sure, if you've nicked the point off your hook on a low backcast by hitting a rock, none of that works! Same goes for keeping those hook points razor sharp!
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