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Default Re: the effect of the digital world

I'm both, but where some folks dislike those who talk or even text when out enjoying nature, to many those activities are part of the experience. Perhaps they are describing nature's wonders to a loved one who can't get out. One thing the digital age has given me is a great ability to tune out those things that used to annoy me and besides if they are busy chatting or texting, guess who's concentrating on the fun and catching their fish! I like carrying a small device that gives me emergency comm, if needed, plus pics, in many areas anyway, and can even manage a short video! For sure the quickness between taking the pic and posting it or even viewing it is great as I certainly do not mind missing out on the developing and time doing so.

I'm old school enough to shut the phone down if not in a situation where it's serving as emergency comm and when I do have it turned on, I mind my manners when taking calls especially in a group, or area where doing so would be inappropriate. I have very little patience for those taking calls driving, or worse yet texting and similar breaches of common sense and safety.

I can see enough of my future to know that my next camera will have shallow water ability so I can stick it under and click a bug on a rock rather than seine to see what's active, or to stick it under to catch a pic of my released fish swimming off.
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