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Hey Ken,

Now thats a question that torments us all! I gave up trying to limit myself, bought a cassette reel and load up my Willy J chest pack - ha ha!

Ok, if I had to limit myself to three - I concur, a floating line is a must. Lengthen the leader, slow the retrieve, using a weighted pattern and I'll use my floating line to fish depths up to 25'. I use a Rio Gold in the flow and a Monic clear floater on the still.

My next most fished line would probably be a clear intermediate. Its a pretty versatile line and I use it on stillwater, on the flows, and in tidal estuaries. I use the SA Stillwater, but had a Rio Aqualux which shot very nicely.

I like a type 3 full sink to get down and dirty. Using the countdown method and with a little patience, I can use it to fish virtually any depth (within reason).

Hope this helps a little.
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