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Default Re: Flycasting Spawnbags?

Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
For myself, I would use the spinning rod if that's what's workin....
I guess that then really takes us to the question of why would we choose our fly rod/ gear vs. other methods. . . something that I would guess will be a different answer for each person.

Since I'm so new to the sport, I'm willing to try anything however unorthodox, and I'm not as bound by the tradition (at least not yet, hopefully someday I will be). Personally I like using a fly rod because it is more fun to cast. Spin casting just gets boring for me. Making the perfect cast is challenging with the fly rod, to me more fun and why I like using my fly gear.

I get bored easily and a fly rod has me constantly doing something.

Thanks again for the thoughts/ opinions guys, I appreciate it.

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