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Default Re: Noob needs help.

I have both a Lamson Konic and the Allen Trout. The Konic is on my 8 weight and the Allen on my 6 weight. There is no doubt that the drag on the Lamson is tough to beat. But the Allen is no slouch either. Which one do I like best? Put it this way - I have to get a new reel for my 4 weight and I'm going with the Allen. It's a very very nice reel, especially for the money. And dealing with Justin is an absolute pleasure. So I would suggest the Allen. And while your'e at it you may as well pick up some of his flyline as well. You won't get better value there!! I just took the Allen flyline off my 8 weight and put Cortland 444 Classic on it. I believe the Allen line is more supple and casts better. I put the Allen line on a cheap old 8 weight backup I have. I will be putting it back on my main rod.

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