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Default Re: Newbie who needs fly line recs

Originally Posted by imxer View Post
You are starting out in better shape than most. The IMX rod is a good all around choice for the fishing you plan, especially in 8.5' 5wt. Have to agree with Mt405 about the Allen line in 6 weight for your rod, for the same reasons
he states.
If Justin hasn't sent the reel (also a a good choice) yet, ask him to add backing and the 6 wt line.
The casting club a real asset for you. Am sure you will meet members who are very familiar with the IMX, and willing to help you.
Good luck to you.
I'm a real fan of Loomis rods as it's my primary brand that I use for conventional fishing. Heard many good things about the "older" IMX fly rods and decided to take the plunge. I did purchase the 6wt from Justin and he's out of backing and told me to use braid which i have. Based on your handle, you must have some experience w/ Loomis IMX rods, can you tell me if the rod is fast or medium action rod? I've lived my entire life less a 1/2 mile away from the casting pools, and i'm really looking forward to getting my stroke down.

MoscaPescador: Yes, I'll be heading over to Leland's to get there opinions about equipment.

russellb: I have no experience with IMX fly rods, but I do have a few bass rods made from IMX and they are fast action rods.

Thank you all for your suggestions/advice. Know I need to get some warm water flies!

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