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It seems that it is a matter of deciding between sink-tip and full sinking lines. I know very little about shooting heads, have never seen them in action, nor do I know anyone using them. Though the shooting head systems seem to be more economical, they would just add to the confusion at this point. However, my guess is that sooner or later I will be making that choice.
The suggestion of using a type II sinking tip makes sense for shallower fishing. If I can get down a foot or more with a floating line then that would negate the use of an intermediate line (for now!). I have used a sinking tip line in the past for deeper water but found that it didn't keep the fly (streamer) where I wanted it. With each strip of the line the fly would not only move forward but up as well. Probably a better action for nymphs etc. This time around I will try a full sinking line.
I greatly appreciate all of you suggestions.
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