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Default Re: Eat that fish, or release it?

I haven't intentionally killed a sport caught fish in 15 or so years. For myself, the release is as much a part of the experience as the hook set. I have to admit that my years as a Salmon fishing guide burned me out on the killing, a bit - but its more than that for me, these days.

Once upon a time, I was quite content to say "to each his own" and look the other way, but these days when there are very nearly as many fishermen as fish in some of the easier to access waters (especially where I have seen a real decline in the quantity and the quality of the fishing), I'm not so inclined to turn that blind eye - and I've often found myself attempting to educate in some small way, those taking what I feel is more than their share.

I fully realise that those folks had every right to keep their fish, and as long as the limit is adhered to I don't have much of a leg to stand on - but I'm definitely well on my way to becoming a grumpy old man (at 39!) and don't hold back my tongue much. So please be a little patient with me should I approach you after a fish bonking, on my home waters. I may come off like a holier than thou purist - but honestly, my heart is in the right place. Just nod and smile and I'll soon go away.
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