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Default Re: Eat that fish, or release it?

One thing I forgot to ask in the OP is about lakes or rivers and fish species.

For instance, many urban lakes in some regions are stocked with rainbow trout in the winter, but they all die off in the summer, so it wouldn't make conservation sense to release those fish, but some trout parks might feed into a river where the trout can reproduce naturally, though some don't.

For the species aspect, I personally tend to have more "respect", for trout in streams, which I have to outsmart with my entomology skills (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating), than for something like panfish, which I used to always catch on a hook and worm in a lake where I couldn't see them until I got them to hand. I haven't cleaned a fish since I started fly fishing, which is why I answered "always release", but if I'm at a lake with decent water quality and I'm catching a bunch of panfish, I can't see why not eat them. Entirely subjective, of course...
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