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Default Re: One more time: How do you hide a tippet?

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
First off, your post tells me that you've got vision that many of us will be jealous of.
If you'd been with me this evening at the local pond you'd retract that otherwise very kind statement! I never could get a 7x through the eye of a #20 mosquito! (I'm blaming it on the falling darkness).

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
The visibility of the tippet on super calm water is a tricky situation. Fluorocarbon should sink enough to become invisible, but then you've got your tippet pulling your fly down. The other option is a tippet that floats, but is more visible.
My "ability" to see the tippet on the water is completely a function of it lying in the surface tension and being quite visible. Calm water, of course, makes it really stand out.

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
My advice- fish those small dries on water that is moving enough to hide the tippet, or fish nymphs and emergers when its so calm the leader can't be hidden.
Sound advice, Cliff!

Seems like I read somewhere herein that saliva applied to a tippet will help it sink below the surface. Anyone tried that? Does it work?

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