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Default Re: Started Tying My First Copper Johns But...

Originally Posted by FlyBum View Post
Hope you don't mind my asking this its probably a dumb question...Ya I know there is no such thing as a dumb question.

I only have TMC 5262's which are 2X long and 2XH down to size 12, but want to tie down to 16's. When I first tie a fly I prefer to use the hooks and materials that the pattern I'm following calls for. I know that there is nothing wrong with switching some things up. After I'm satisfied with my ties then I might experiment.

I went to Allen Fly Fishing website to order some more 5262's down to sz 16, but currently Justin only has them down to sz 14. However, one pattern I read said you can use either 5262's or 5263's, but the 5263's are 3X Long would the addition 1X length make them look off?
I wouldn't hesitate substituting a 5263 for a 5262. Yes, it's longer, but if you hold them together to compare, it's not significant. I prefer to tie woolly buggers on the 5263, but have substituted 5262s while I was waiting for a shipment. As others point out, fly recipes can be adjusted to accommodate what you have or what you prefer in the tie. Have fun and experiment.
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