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Default How to find fishing locations? streams & rivers

Thatís the question. How does one go about finding fishing locations? I live in Montreal, and have fished the river many times. I want a bit of a change, to find a little stream or that small river thatís somewhat secluded, like we all see on TV.. Iíve driven past a few Ďpossible locationsí but donít know about access points, parking, etc.. Iíll mostly be walking the river as I donít (yet) own a boat (canoe, kayak, etc..) (Not to mention, bass season doesnít start till late June, and no way would I want to keep anything from the river!)

Iíve searched a few times on Mapquest & other Ďonlineí maps to scout out the area, a river & such. But most seem backed up onto farms or along the highway, with no real / visible access. Or parking / stopping.

Is there a method? A talent / skill for finding? Or is it just trial & error, with the initial help of online maps & a GPS & a drive..

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