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Default Re: One more time: How do you hide a tippet?

Originally Posted by ezamora View Post
the possibility exists that the tippet you see is not a factor for the laughing fish. they could be laughing at the fly you've chosen or the drag (but since you're on a pond there shouldn't be any unless some wind is blowing the fly).
That's quite possible! Usually there's very little or no drag--except in a breeze. I think the chosen fly is usually Ok. I'm catching plenty of fish. I just want to sharpen the skills and be able to hide the tippet better. I guess I don't really mind if the fish laugh some; they should enjoy the sport, too.
Originally Posted by ezamora View Post
i often see my 5x tippet and i still catch fish. how long have you been fly fishing?
Well, off and on about 20 years. But living far from trout, and being distracted by work and raising boys, it's a sporadic thing. Finding this nearby pond and fishing for bream has helped in getting out more consistently.
Originally Posted by ezamora View Post
how would you rate your technique in whole especially in presentation?
Overall, decent. I can usually get the fly very near where I want it to be. And if I pay attention I can usually get it to lay fairly gently on the water. Some casts are rather comical. But those are usually executed around moments of brief but significant inattention. And are more likely than not to result in a short cast with a pile of line on the water with a fly in there somewhere.

I usually reel in somewhere between a dozen and twenty bream in a 90-minute period. Nothing great. And there's about a half-dozen to a dozen strikes that didn't result in catches mixed in those landings. (Next skill for focus: Reliably setting the hook!)

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi HTiger,

What you are seeing is the leader laying in the surface tension. I would use a Fluo tippet. Movement will cause the leader to break the surface tension. For lake fishing you might find you need to add something to the last few inches of the tippet so it will break the surface tension. There is a commercial leader sink that you can use. You can also use a detergent liquid soap. I have use the soap and it worked OK. It will wash off and you need to reapply frequently.


Gehrkes Xink Leader Sink
Click the image to open in full size.
Thanks, Frank! I'll look for some of that stuff in the local fishin' stores. Worth giving it a try.

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