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Default Re: How to find fishing locations? streams & rivers

The best initial contact I have found is the state or province department of natural resources or fish and game department. For example, when I went to Canada a couple of years ago, I was going to be around the Grand River. So, I contacted the Grand River Co-op and they provided me with several maps and brochures with fishing information, access points, driving directions, etc., etc.. Thus, when I head for another state in the U.S. I always contact the DNR or F&G as my first reference point, then I often call that same department and ask to speak to the regional biologist or fishing warden for additional information.

The second best contact resource is through a forum such as this one (FFF) where you can get information or private contacts for specific areas you plan to visit. Just don't expect someone you do not know personally to provide you with directions to their best honey-holes! ;-)

If you come to Missouri - contact the MO DNR and ask for a Trout Map - this will show all trout streams (natural and stocked) broken down into trophy blue-ribbon waters, red-ribbon waters, and white-ribbon waters, with driving directions, access points and public fishing locations all detailed for your information. Of course finding that great fishing hole is probably more about being able to read the river, which is NOT on the map!
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