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Default Re: Eat that fish, or release it?

hey folks,
I personally love the taste of trout but where i fish is stocked and the only ones i keep are the stockies. If i do catch one that has been there for two or more years "you can tell by the size" than i always try to release unless of course I accidentally kill it and then well you know it's chow time. the big ones don't taste that good anyway but there are a ton of recipes for trout and if you mix bacon with just about anything its eatable to me anyway.

I can't stand it when i see the DEC truck pull up to the stocking spots and within 30 seconds there are 10 cars right behind it. Where is the sport in that. That makes me a little crazy... I know a few guys who do that and i torment them regularly for it.

Other times i like to keep fish is when i go on my yearly camping trip up north to the cedar river flow and there is nothing better than trout cooked over an open fire... OH MAN I'M HUNGRY.... Memorial day weekend this i can not wait.....

talk to you all later...

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