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Default Re: Weapons for the next couple weeks

Nice flies, esp that Zuddler and a really nice fish! Good report too. A long time back I found that a big Maribou Muddler tied with Yellow and a spot of red was a killer when fishing it very slow and erratic in the surface film. I was fishing a spring fed arm of the Aroostook, in northern Maine, just out of Presquess Isle, called Lovely's Bogan when I saw a good sized minnow swimming along with nose up on the surface and dying. He made it to the spring where many great sized fish were lying sucking up the coolness and oxygen, when one streaked out and slammed him. Looking through my box I spied a couple of Muddler look alikes and immediately got in on the action. The one Maribou Muddler in yellow, with red gill areas and a Royal Coachman Muddler were the two that have stood the test of time. I just add a bit of flotant to the head and fish on a floating line with part of the leader greased also. Ultra slow with some erratic twitches is what really works.
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