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Posted a pic of a frog in me earlier reply, but took the time to upload a video this morning. I was fishing the local lake last spring and was at the deep hole (old rock quarry) that is the start of the creek that flows from the lake. This hole is deep and the variety of aquatic life in it is sometimes amazing. I saw a frog swimming against the strongest current that enters the hole from the spillway (guess frogs aren't all that smart) and laid down my rod and watched it (and took pics) for several minutes. It would get close, pause the swimming action, and be swept back out several feet, then resume the effort to reach solid ground. It finally made it to a small rock ledge, climbed up, rested for a while, then made it's way further upstream to get to the "falls" that blocked it from going any further. When I finally left for the day it was still setting there.

video link - (not sure why it won't play but if you click the title at the top it opens the photobucket page)
Can anyone help me get it to open on this link?
" title="froggieswimmin.mp4 video by wabi_pics - Photobucket" target="_blank">froggieswimmin.mp4 video by wabi_pics - Photobucket

At a resting place-
Click the image to open in full size.

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