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Originally Posted by FlyGal View Post
You won't be seeing any big fish in that stretch (unless they stock them this year), for two years in a row they have dropped the dam and the river gets to 8ft wide and the birds prey on the fish in such skinny water.

They did it last fall before the season closed

Totally Sucks!!! I, as you, enjoyed those 22-28" bows that were beautiful holdovers for a couple of years.

If I want big fish, I go to the Androscoggin river 20 miles north.

As for golden stones I don't have a specific pattern, color is more important. Not to dark, better to stay on the lighter side.

The Ellis is my home waters...
I'm so sorry to hear that; it was (is probably somewhere) such a good fishery! Yea, I'm in agreement; it does suck! :0(

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