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Default I'm going to need a bigger rod.......

Fishing for the usual 'gills, crappies, and bass at the local lake yesterday evening at dusk when a very big fish jumped not far from shore. Not 100% sure what it was (it was getting dark), but I cast the foam bug I had tied on the 3wt I was using to the "rise" out of habit then thought about it and quickly decided it wasn't a good move.
The scene from the movie "Jaws" flashed through my mind - "You're going to need a bigger boat".
I think it was a flathead catfish by what coloration and body shape I saw and figured it would be a minimum of 30# and possibly quite a bit more. Never saw one break the surface like that before, but I'm guessing it might have taken one of the smaller fish that were feeding on the surface. As soon as I cast the fly I decided it probably wasn't the time to test the drag on the new Sage reel.

My question is - will a flathead break the surface when feeding?

BTW - caught a few 'gills and one small bass before seeing the brute, so I was able to call the trip a success and quit for the day with some dignity at that point. A couple days ago I was fishing a different location and a 10#+ carp cruised by. I cast a nymph ahead of it but luckily it wasn't interested. I'm going to hook something bigger than I want with the 3wt if I keep at it.
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