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Default Need a good powerful rod...

Hi all,

I need your advice on fly rod selection. First let me give you some background info. I come from Iceland and mostly fish for brown trout (1-14 lbs). I fish them in large lakes, with slow sinking lines and heavy weighted flies. Here, the wind blowes most of the time and it can blow quite hard at times. In the lakes I usually fish from shore upwind. Therefore I need a powerful rod that can throw heavy flies long into the wind. I´ve been flyfishing quite hard for the last 7 years and would say I´m a decent caster, probably a bit better than the average guy but not great. My current flyrod is an Orvis T3 8 wt 9´ mid flex and before that I had Orvis trident, also 8wt. I like both rods but I want to try out some other rods and see how the Orwis compares.

I´m interested in getting two new rods. One 6wt and one 8wt. Both need to be able to handle throwing heavy flies upwind. The 6wt would be used on calmer days as well as for river fishing. I´m not sure if the "normal" trout rods would be ideal for this type of fishing. 700 USD is the max I´m willing to pay for a single rod. So what do you think I should go for?

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