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Default Re: Need a good powerful rod...

Thanks all for the advices.
I´ve been having hard time finding useful information on manufacturers pages in choosing rod for my application. I´ve been leaning towards "saltwater" rods (esp. G loomis GLX Crosscurrent). Still I wasn´t sure if they would be suitable for "freshwater" so it´s nice to see you recommend some to me The other rod I´m interested in is Sage XP, mostly because they can be had for decent prices. I looked hard at the Sage TCR but since I´m not a great caster and cant try it out before buying I´m not willing to pay big money for it. I´ll definatly take a look at the Xi2 as well as other recommendations.

If you have a 6wt recommendation it would be greatly appreciated. It doesn´t need to be as tough as it will also be used for more delicate fishing, e.g. dryfly, but it must be able to handle weighted flies comfortably.

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