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Default Re: Fly Fishing Maryland

Originally Posted by MarlinBoy View Post
Does anyone here fish the patomac aroung Greenridge state forest and Shepherd University? I go to school at Shepherd and have been fishing the patomac for years. Ive caught tons of bass on spinner rods but have trouble getting bass to take flies, streamers etc... All of the bass ive caught on the fly rod have been on streamers in fast moving rapids and im under the impression it is because they dont get good looks at the streamers and take them. Does anyone have any information on how to get these suckers in slack water or other areas? Thanks.
There's a circular for mid-atlantic fly fishing streams at every fly shop in the area. The most recent (May) issue has an article on Town Creek in Greenridge State park. I haven't read it yet, but you might try looking at it for pointers.
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