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Default Re: Need a good powerful rod...

Thanks, you guys are really helpful. Out of curiosity I sent a letter similar to my first post to Sage´s technical staff and they recommended the Z-axis.

I´m sure most decent 8wt rods should handle this situation quite well so maybe a saltwater rod would be a bit overkill. My T3, which is a midflex, works great but I just want to see if there is something out there that will do even better... Actually I´m more worried how a 6wt will handle the weighted flies.

Of course I dont want to spend more than I need to. We have most of the top brands here in Iceland but they are very expensive. Here is how I´m looking at it, if I can get a good deal on one of the older models on ebay I can try it out in "the real world" (I think that almost all rods work great indoor) and it should be easy to sell without loss if for some reason I dont like it. Both because of that and because I´m happy with my T3 rod I´m limiting my selection to popular brands that are supposed to be the best, like G loomis, Sage, Winston, Scott etc. If I find good deals I might even try two out for the price of one

Anyway I like to have good gear and think that I should be the limiting factor in casting, not the gear. What really triggered my underlying quest for a new rod beside trying out new things was this fly rod comparison where my Orvis T3 gets a terrible score: Fly Rod Comparison on 8 weight rods Albright G.Loomis G-loomis Orvis Scott Temple Fork TFO Thomas and Thomas St. Croix Orvis Zero Gravity Orvis T3 Redington CPS Albright XX Sage Xi2 Sage Z axis Loomis cross current Loomis Native Run

Any thoughts on this test? Boy, how much headache a simple thing like choosing a rod can give a guy..
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