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New here, great site. Recently retired, spent honeymoon in Everglades in 69' in tent, 15' canoe and fly rod. Still have wife and rod. Fly fishing was a bit rare in Florida then. Now live on fishy ponds in Sarasota and Geneva FLA., Do some traveling in small RV to Nova Scotia and all over, fly fishing all the way. Fish all over Florida. 3 boats from 9' to 23' , mostly dedicated to the fly. Probably fly fished and fish more places, and know less about it than most. Generally carry 2 rods in the car and if it's wet, I stop and cast. Utah, Oregon and Norway are pretty breathtaking places to fish, but have yet to have a gator back me out of the water there. We certainly do have a variety here, and probably a little less skill is required due to the volume. After 50 years, I still haven't figured out if it's the catching or the ahhhh effect of the scenery that keeps me fly fishing. Sharing it with someone makes it pretty good stuff. Sometimes I forget to cast.
Anyway, thanks for having me.
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