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Default Re: How to find fishing locations? streams & rivers

There are lots of good access points along most major roads but if your looking for some back road access here is what I do. Google Earth, GPS, Backroad Mapbook(Backroad Mapbooks ? Recreation maps, GPS maps, Topo maps, Fishing maps, Digital maps for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada) my Jeep and a little charm. Like alot of the other fellas have said I find Google Earth indespensible now a days for finding my access points. I'll research local waters, look them up on Google Earth make notes of what appear to be access points and go for a drive. Now I hop in the Jeep with my notes, map book and GPS and scout all the points I had recorded and look for any new ones I may have missed. If some of those points happen to be on private land I will just head to the nearest farm house and ask politely who owns the land and if I may have access to fish. Now most of the time (not always) if you are nice they say yes, if they do I get their name and number (record it in a notepad I leave in the glove box) and give them mine as well and make sure they know that I will always ask permission everytime before I just head out on their land. If they say no it is a simple thank you and off to the next spot.
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