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Default Re: I'm going to need a bigger rod.......

Sounds like you had fun! I have a few ponds close to my house that I have been experimenting in. One of them has a ton of bass and quite a few carp as well. Hooked one the other day that had to be 2-3 pounds but couldn't get it in. Thought it was a bass but kinda thinking it was a carp now.
Definatly heading back with a 5wt for sure. Had a blast that day. Saw several 18+in carp rooting around on the shore. Just couldn't get a fly close enough without spooking them.
Question for everyone. There were fish flying out of the water that day. Nice warm weather. Lake is shallow and usually off color. (Reason why the bass and carp like it, it is shallow and warm) I thought they were bass but thinking they were carp. Not sure the smaller carp ever come out of the water like that though. Even though I couldn't see any bugs on the surface they were feeding on something. I figured it was emergers just under the surface. Only fish I caught were on emergers just under the water. Not sure how they could even see them though the water was nasty. Ideas on what to do next time I hit that pond?
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