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Default Salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes...

...and it is my first time chasing the broad shouldered trout there during this annual phenomenon.

All my years of gear fishing prior to picking up a fly rod i had never once heard about the famous Salmonfly hatch on this river. Now that i fly fish it seems every Oregonian fisherman likes to talk about it or has a great story while fishing it.

Well, i thought i would document my experiences for you on my rookie year. So....

As most rookies, i started with grand ideas only to have them snuffed out quickly. I skipped a day of work on Friday the 20th and drove out to Maupin, OR. Only about a two hour drive and i was on the water. I had most the day to fish but had to head for home around five. Missing the prime time to be on the river.

Click the image to open in full size.

The river was high. Up into the bank side grass. However, the grass and boushed were blanketed with this fellow and millions of his relations...

Click the image to open in full size.

Also hatching were the Golden Stoneflies. Significantly smaller when compared side to side. I soon had them in my waders and clinging to me in odd spots. They were not too active though. The odd ones here and there flying about but mostly they just laid low in the shrubbery.

Needless to say it was a slow day. I didnt see any fish rise and only saw two jump at surface flies. I tried rigging a stonefly nymph dropper. Same luck as before. I was working about 1/3 of a mile of the river bank.

Click the image to open in full size.

At least it was a very nice day. Nicest one in Oregon so far this year. About 4:30 i packed it in and head back to my truck.

Salmon flies: 1
Vans: 0
Click the image to open in full size.

On my way out of town, i stopped at one of the two fly shops in town. I hadnt been into this place yet and wanted to have a look. The name of the place is The Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop. It is a great little shop with lots of great gear. I got to talking to the owner who was very helpful. He reassured me my technique was correct but i was just using the wrong bugs. According to him, the fish havent keyed in on the big bugs just yet since the hatch is just getting going and there is such an abundance of food in the river for them. So, they are still feeding on the mayflies and such. Also with the water out of shape the fish have moved some as well.

Round one to the river.

I have a few more attempted coming up. This coming weekend the family is heading up to Mt Hood for a long weekend in the rv with other family. I will have a day to sneak away then and catch the evening time fishing. First part of June i have a shot at them again in the Warm Springs/Mecca Flats area of the river.

Further updates coming....
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