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Default Re: Salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes...

Originally Posted by oregonism View Post
What part of the river were you fishing? .....

.....Oh, and PS, Mecca Flats is going to be an absolute zoo in early June, especially if the river is in shape. Expect to hike to avoid bumping elbows with other fisherman.
I was down river from the city park. Around Moss Hole. I assume that was the name since i saw that painted on the road with an arrow pointing to the river near where i was parked. lol

As for my Mecca Flats trip....Yeah, i have already heard of the crowds. For at least one day I am actually going to go out with a friend/guide who worked at Kaufmann's. He guides from the Reservation. If i am on the public side of the river one day, my cousin and i are already planning on taking our bikes and hitting the trail to get away from the crowd.

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
I've never fished your spot Vans, but I deal with high water often. It's always a let down when you realize that everything you thought you knew and all that you had planned in your mind prior to reaching the destination can evaporate so quickly.

The only advice I will offer is to have a sink tip or lead head that you can go to when you run into conditions like I see in your photos. Tie a big feather wing streamer or whatever your selection will offer in a size 2 X long shank and start swinging as deep as you can get it to run. If the deep approach leads nowhere a marabou muddler or a Sofa Pillow, skidding on the surface is the last hope.

Yeah, it was kinda disappointing. It was still nice to be on the water working out the kinks left over from a down winter season. I was just glad to be on the water tossing bugs.

Thanks for the advice Ard. I shall certainly keep it in mind.
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