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Default lines and choices

I am looking for a decent line, and would not be too shy to shell out for a good line as I have found that it almost always pays off to buy good quality equipment if used frequently.

My rod for now is a humble 4 piece ron thompson 9" #5/6 chinook that will be married to the reel I could not afford not to buy soon.
I'm a newbie to FF so I'll stick to what I think to have learned by now and go for a WF6F.

my shortlist contains;
cortland 444
SA sharkskin (although with RRP of 99 euro I'd order it for 99$ )
airflo ridge

but the latter as with the 444 can be had in many types, as I found out in a UK online shop sellling lines at a decent price.

airflo ridge high float tactical trout
airflo forty plus extreme ridge distance
airflo ridge line distance with sixth sense core
airflo ridge

So I was hoping to get some advice on the version that would make the better choice from you experienced guys, I'll be fishing some still water probably for perch etc (hardly any trout water in my country), some rivers maybe some pike and on vacation some lakes, streams and rivers in sweden.

I have to admit that my shortlist was completely built on what I have read so far(as there are many threads on the theme), and what seem to be all round favourites.

any help is appreciated!
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