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Default Re: Building from a Blank

Check out, its a vault of info.
I like to look at the top end rods in the sporting goods stores and it amazes me the **** thats getting passed off as "top end". Dont get me wrong as I see some really well made rods to.
There is a trillion blanks to pick from. Cheap to big bucks. There are no limits to the options.
A big part of building your own is the creativity and art part of it. You have control over such things as the quality of the wrap you make and how well the apoxy goes on clearity and "shape" . (look at some expensive rods and see how many have apoxy that look like "footballs" and have a $300 price tag on it.
You can control and improve casting distance, balance, action and end up with a rod that you are really comfortable with and it makes a big different when that fly or lure lands right on target. You have that power. It doesnt happen with the first one you build but each gets closer to the MAGIC that your looking for.
Just dont look at it totally as a cost thing theres so much more to it.
I maybe invested $100 or so in making my rod holder and drying unit.
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