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Hi All,

I'm somewhat new to flyfishing. I got some great fundamental casting instruction about 20 years ago and worked with it a bit but never followed through with it. Well the spark's back and I'm really interested in (actually very excited) trying it out again. Been reading a ton on the internet the past month, picked up a few books, ordered some DVD's, and visited a few local shops. This forum has been a great source of information, I really like the variety of opinions and advice people are more than willing to give out.
This year my goal is to acquire some decent equipment at a decent price (lower cost but will last) and learn the fundamentals, I do have a lot of patience. I'd like the flexibility to fish for both trout (variety) and smallmouth bass. I'm targeting a 6wt outfit, seems like a good all around size. So far I ordered one of the A.R.E reals (102) off of Ebay, seems to be good workmanship for the price, as well as a Echo Classic 6wt rod from The Full Creel (just ordered today). I'll expand in the future as necessary as my ability/experience grows. I look forward to reading on. Thanks for all the great posts.

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