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Default Re: I missed you guys and gals

Thanks guys. I have been up to my eyeballs in alligators with work.

with the US dollar in the tank all the european vessels are buying more product here in the states. thus 14-16 hour days. thank goodness that huricane season is around the corner and the boats that are still here will be gone june 1. ( and the long days of sitting and staring at the computer begin)

sorry I missed out on the fly swaps, maybe the next ones.

sorry to hear about the surgery. well you have lots to look forward to when you come down. We are supposed to go out tomorrow night for the tarpon and snook of biscayne bay. Let me know when you are coming down and I will attach a few feathers and fur to hooks for your trip. just give me an address where you want them to be waiting.
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