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Default Re: fly fishing lake erie in a boat

Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
I got a 6wt and 8wt.. wonder what it be like to catch a huge walleye haha. oh well we will give it a try! too late for this year tho I think.
Though I live a bit farther north than Lake Erie (Traverse City, MI) so my seasons may be a little later than yours, you still may have some luck with walleye. In the spring and the fall people have good luck on a lake around here while wading. Then tend to be shallower this time of year, especially in the evenings/night. By shallower I mean they are sometimes so shallow their fins will stick out over the top of the water...though this usually only happens when wind is blowing minnows shallow. So give it a shot still, I think its not too late for you!
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