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Default Re: The Big Issue: Losing America's Last Great Wild Fishery

We have a very similar situation here in Minnesota. There were deposits of copper, possibly the largest ever found, and a number of other metals found here. PolyMet and PGM have tried to open mines in these deposits. It would provide a ton of jobs. It would provide strategically important self reliance for a number of metals. There are politicians who have said off the record that they will NEVER allow the mines to open. They have been dragging the permit process out for years. There are 'enironmental' groups who have said things like it will pollute the BWCA despite the reallity they are NOT in the same watershed. Before I would get all upset over the pebble mine I would like to see the reallity of it from some reliable source who is not using the issue to raise money. And trust me when I say, I have seen commercials from these guys spouting heart wrenching stories and visually inspiring video that are complete lies. Not only complete lies, but lies that are easily proven to be lies. I would be wary of any source who is using this issue to raise money, and any source I have already seen telling outright vile canards on any other subject. Given the amount of disinformation, and insane prevarications coming from some corners in my own state, I would like to see the real situation from a trustworthy source.

On a second note, these kinds of threads, generally cause hard feelings. If you look at another site that has many things in common with this one, the Spey Pages, there were several subjects that caused a great number of problems. Dana, the owner, has a very distinct political bent, yet was forced to permanently ban some members, with the same bent, over threads like this one. It was causing the site real harm. In fact this subject exactly, plus Fracking and global warming to round out the trouble making trifecta. I'm sure it killed him to ban people he agrees with politically, but it was wrecking the site. To some extent, desite the removal of the section where this occurred being removed, is still wrecking the site. First because of the hard feelings it created, and second because some of the major offenders tried to just move the same destructive stuff to the general forum. I recently looked and 7 of the first 10 threads were attempts to revive the removed fish politics forum. I actually made the suggestion they bring back the forum section where this stuff had previously been so we would not have to sort through it to find the spey stuff. After all it was a spey forum. They are a bit touchy now and my suggestion was not met with .... enthusiasm. I really enjoy this forum and find it to be a much more friendly place than the spey pages. But we recently hit one of the 3 deadly sins here on the forum, the fracking subject. It resulted in hard feelings from a few people in a very short period of time. One who I had up till then, and still do, really liked and thought was more of an adult than he turned out to be, unfriened me, and refuses to talk to me over it. He even went so far as to edit his resonses to my talking to him on the chat box as to make them unintelligable, just to hide what he had said before. It is sad that some are not able to discuss things like this in a rational manner without becoming angry spoiled pouting children. But such is the reallity of politics, and trust me there is more politics than environment in this subject. It would be best right here and now to lock this thread from comment before it causes trouble and it will. All it would take would be to post one article like this and Viola, trouble.:Environmentalist groups see big green in Pebble Mine | The Alaska Standard

In summary, I love this site. I have friends here I have never met in person who I like as much as most people I know. For instance, Ard went a while where he did not post and I became worried. I called the Wasilla hospitals and police looking to be sure nothing had happened to a person I consider to be a real friend despite having never met him in person. I did the same when Aroostookbasser vanished to find he had been injured in a serious accident. There are people on here I care about. This is what the site should be about and not the divisive political nonsense that can be injected into what is a site for FLY FISHING. I say this as a politician. I ran for State Senate last cycle. I am as interested in politics as the next guy but there is a time and a place for everything. I will likely run again in 2012, and my politics will be in fund raisers, speeches, parades and door knocking, but not on this forum. This is a flyfishing forum. I am not angry with the person who unfriended me, but I am disappointed in him. Let's not let this spread. Lock the comments please. If we are to have these articles here, please do not allow posts. They lead to no good.
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