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Default Re: lines and choices

It's always been important to me to have the right fly gear for the conditions of the moment. After 46 years, I literally have more lines than I can remember.
You've got a rod of a size that will handle trout, perch and similar size fish very well. You need some variety in lines to handle different conditions. A weight-forward floater is basic, of course. You also need a fairly slow sinking line for lakes (in the shallows) and shallow streams; then a deep sinking tip for faster streams. Later, a fast all-sinking line for deeper in lakes. You'll use the first two the most.
Don't put too much money in deluxe or unproven lines. They've been making modern fly lines almost since WW II; they know how to do it. Even economy-priced lines perform well. Save your money for extra spools for your reel.
In time, when you know what other fish you want to pursue, think of another outfit, at least two sizes larger or smaller.
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