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Default Re: Meat/fish smokers; what works for you?

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Mac, darned interesting comment above in your 'edit.' That's the first reference to using "hardwood coal" I ever read. Do you have a brand name that I can Google? Regular charcoal (Kingsford, etc) is easy to find, but don't ever recall seeing that type of product.

the reason for this is processed coal briquettes have chemicals in them. that chemical can put a different taste in the meat than you want. when you get natural hardwood or lump coal its just wood, no processing to it. you can find this coal at any grocery store, walmart, home depot, sams, cosco, anywhere. just look at the bags for any of the words "natural, lump, hardwood" this is the stuff that usually has no chemicals in it. i use cowboy
just because thats what home depot sells and they are the closest to me. i know at sams you can buy some pretty big bags super cheap, back in texas thats where we would always get it from, and if sams sells some big bags cheap im sure walmart will too.

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