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Default Re: Salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes...

Installment #2

Memorial Weekend

On Sunday the 29th i managed to sneak away from a family get together in Welches, OR. We were all in a fancy pants park with our rvs. My cousins really like this place because it has a lot of stuff for their kids to do. Welches is on the west slope of Mt Hood and a quick 70 min drive from Maupin.

My wife has a coworker who owns a second house in Maupin and invited me to come over to go fishing.

Click the image to open in full size.

We hit the water about 1pm. Had a drift boat so were were able to hit a few spots and fish the other side of the river. Wind was howling but no rain at least. I left that in Welches. It was rought going for me at first dealing with the wind and all the bushes. I kept at it and after an hour of watching the other two guys catch some i eventually hooked one and got it to net. Nothing too big, only about 9 inches.

Finally! I got the monkey off my back. Pressure was off and i had baptised my net properly with its first fish and a Deshutes redside at that.

That called for a beer so we realxed in the boat along the bank and had a beer and a bite. Things got better later, but the wind still roared. Caught another about an hour later.

Click the image to open in full size.

It was now about 5 and we had the river mostly to ourselves. Seems most everyone else gave up fighting the wind. The next few spots we tried must have been worked pretty good previously because fishing was slow.

Last spot we tired before head over to the take out turned out to be the best. It was now about 6:30-7 ish. On my second cast i hooked a big one. He decided that he didnt want to stick around and promptly heading out into the big water and down river. I managed to slow him a bit but he seemed to snap my fly off with relative ease.

I then proceed to land 5 more fish in the 10-12" range in the next 30 mins. Then i was also hooked up again on what turned out to be my last cast of the day. This was another decent fish. Once i brought it to net it measured 14". About this time my two companions came a long and one came down to take a pic.

Click the image to open in full size.

A good ending to the day and my first successful day of fishing the Salmonfly hatch. Everything turned out well. I lost a couple flies but managed to get my know tying down pretty good under less than great conditions. All the fish i caught were on a Chubby Chernobyl

Next weekend i go out for what will be my last shot at fishing the hatch. It will wind down and travel plans will take me and my family elsewhere. However, i am going with the guide who taught me to cast and we will be fishing from the Warm Springs Reservation. Hopefully this will be my chance to get at some really good sized fish...
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