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Default Re: Question about Trout Leaders / Tippets


Thanks for taking the time to review this question.

What I was trying to do was to set up several tippets and leaders per the suggestion of a local fly shop owner. The gentleman from the fly shop was showing me how to connect different sizes of tippet together to form a graduated tippet as opposed to purchasing multiple tapered leaders every time a break a tippet while snagged on a log or tree etc. As you know beginning fly casters can and often do get snagged on anything within a 40 ft radius I think where I am confused is really at the point where my post confused you. I understand how to make connect the various sizes of tippet together, but how do I replace the larger butt section of the leader, can I use a large diameter piece of Tippet material?

The whole point of the excercise was two fold.

1 Practice linking tippet material in controled environment (Home) to spend more time fishing while at the stream.
2. Minmize the need to purchase tapered leaders

It seems I must have misunderstood what the fly shop owner was trying to show me. This is all new to me and there is so much information to digest. I hope this clears up the orignal question.

Thank you

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