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Default Re: Early Season smallmouth

Originally Posted by burk48237 View Post
We were wading in a shallow bay on Lake Huron. All fish came on a floating line in less the three feet of water. And while we did feel them hit (stripping streamers) they were more lethargic then later in the season when every strike moves your line about three feet! Yeah I don't know any wade fisheries in the Great Lakes that call for a sinking line. It's a lot like flats fishing. I will use an intermediate line (clear-camo) when fishing for Carp later in the season. I've hit my biggest fish in Traverse Bay. You have a legitimate shot at a six pounder there, same with Lake St. Clair although thats tougher wading.
Great fish there, looks like a lot of fun to catch. I've heard that Traverse Bay can be fun too, as you mentioned. Funny thing is, I live just outside of Traverse City but I've never fished in the bay. I guess its so big that its sort of intimidating if you don't know where to go in it. Especially when I'm about 5 minutes from the Platte River. Love to hit the Bay someday, guess I just have to explore a bit.
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