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Default Re: Lower Mountain Fork

During the summer it is tough to fish there, especially during the summer vacation time. There have been some people who ignore the restrictions about fishing. Nevertheless, the place gives you an ample opportunity to fish. I recommend the spill way section though I cation you that you have to be very careful. The surfaces of rocks up there are extremely slippery. I had a couple of bear plunge under my belt already. After those misfortunes, I bought a staff when I fish the spill way area.

In the spill way, I would suggest that you use nymphing method. Y2k and other egg pattern work. I sometimes tried a tandem rig where I tied two flies, usually size 14 followed by 18. I was surprised that when fishing is slow trouts are hitting smaller size flies such as zibra midge or Rim Ching's rs2.
The most important advise that I got from many seasoned pros up there is that the way present your flies in nymphing determines the success of fishing. My take is that if you do not let your flies down to the bottom and do not lose your flies occasionally, your presentation is poor. The other day I was watching one guy struggling, and I suggest him to use a split shot and he began to catch some fish. So go figure.

Another fly that I would recommend is woolly bugger. About three weeks ago, when fishing was slow I cast black woolly buggers down stream and strip the line and caught several fish (some of them were brown). When I tied woolly, I add more shining stuffs.

Finally, even if you do not catch any fish up there, the place is just gorgeous. So enjoy it.
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