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Post Re: Were are all the Ladies?!

I thought I would drop in and say hi to all the lady anglers in here. I am from the Tyler-Longview, Tx area. I tried fly fishing a few years ago, and gave it up. I did not have a computer to help me figure fly fishing out, or forums. I did not do well casting, and gave up. Well over this past winter I tried fishing for stocked trout. I enjoyed it so much that I decided I wanted to try some flies on a bubble and fly. I even started tying flies in mid Jan or so. Well then I had to pull out that old fly rod stuck in the garage, and dusted it off. It was a five wt BPS beginner combo. I decided to go and get a lesson this time to start things off right, which was a good idea. So then I went for another beginner lesson at a free clinic for fly fishing. Later a man offered to give me a lesson off of another fishing forum. With that behind me now I can do a bit of fly fishing on my own. I have caught several fish with the fly rod. Recently I broke my reel. So I decided to get an 8wt combo so I could bass fish. The older rod is a five wt. So this fall I will have to get another reel for my rod so I can trout fish this fall, hopefully. I do not live in trout country, but sure love to catch them! I can always drive to Arkansas, or Oklahoma to fly fish in the future. I wish trout could make it through the summer here, but it is way too hot for trout. The stocked trout probably will be on their last leg in this heat is close to 90 deg. Still I like to fish for bass, crappie, sunfish. I fish mostly all year except when it gets hot in the summer. I usually only fish then in the night. I can fish when it is really cold, but prefer 50-80 deg. I also do conventional fishing...have not stopped it. But there is something very special about fly fishing that conventional fishing cannot touch. Catching a fish on a fly you made yourself is so fun. Anyway just thought I'd stop by and say hello. I just joined this forum a couple of days ago. I do not know what rep points are. So if you know, please fill me in. Talk to you all later.
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