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Hello Girls

Are there many fellow females reading this forum? I think this ladies only forum is a great idea. I sure would like to chat with a few of you.

Fly Girl
I am a 48 year old mom with two teenagers. I am pretty new to fly fishing. I have been fishing a lot the past few months. I have fished on an off since I was a little girl. The past three or four years fishing has become an obsession for me. I try to go out on the water as much as possible. (at least till the summer heat hits...which I hate since I am in NE Tx) I used to do just conventional fishing...and live bait at that. But the last three years I have added much more tackle into my box. I have started up fly fishing, and fly tying as well. I wish I lived in the mountains close enough to fish whenever I wanted. I do live in a place with lots of lakes around, but I have no boat. When my teens grow up and move, maybe then I can afford a boat. I have just bought a 8wt rod, and my older rod is a 5wt. I will not buy a rod bigger than an 8wt. Mine is a little heavy for me. I think maybe a 7wt would of been a better choice. But I did not want to break a 7wt with a largemouth bass on it! Anyway fly fishing is a huge amount of fun for me. It is hard to find a place not lined with trees or houses where I live. I stopped wade fishing in most places because of water moccasins...which I am afraid of. One hit my leg at Tyler State Park, and outta that water I came out in a hurry! My daughter stopped fishing last fall. She is now much more into her friends, boyfriend, and My Space. She does not want to accompany her brother and I fishing anymore, sadly. I think once she is older, she will fish again though. My son is about to turn 15. He likes fishing a lot, but would rather do soft air, or paintball wars with his friends. So many times I go fishing alone. I joined a women's fly fishing group in Tx recently. I had hoped to meet ladies in my area, but have not thus far. So it was good to find this forum. I hope to make new friends, and learn as much as I can about fly fishing!
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