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Default Re: Were are all the Ladies?!

I have a Bass Pro Shop Dogwood Canyon 5wt. The reel just broke when I dropped it I guess it cracked. I was gonna use it the other day, pulled it out, and the reel seat was broken off. I went to Cabelas in Ft. Worth *)never again though because the traffic was horrible) I bought a Redington Crosswater 8wt rod, with a Ross Flystart reel. So far I like the reel a lot. The rod is good I think, but much heavier than my five wt. So I cannot cast too long with it without getting a back ache. I heard an 8wt was the best for largemouth bass, which I was targeting. I think maybe a 7wt would of been a better choice, but don't want my rod to break with a big largemouth. As far as other gear, it is not expensive stuff, but gets the job done. I use a BPS vise that came in a Bass starter kit for fly tying. It gets the job done, and tells you if you are gonna like fly tying, but I will have to invest in a better vise one day when I can afford it. I have not made any cool fishing trips to speak of. I just got back from camping and fishing at Johnson Creek at Lake O' The Pines in Texas. The fishing was extremely slow. The kids had a good time tubing though. (they also got a nice sunburn for the effort despite using tons of sunscreen) I usually go to Lake O' The Pines, or Tyler State Park. Lake O' The Pines is a decent lake, with stained water though. I usually do not fly fish there because I go to the spillway/dam area there. Sometimes the fishing is good, sometimes it stinks! This year the fishing has not been too good. A couple of weeks ago though I went and caught the most fish ever.....17....but the size of most fish were small, and not keepers. I usually keep some, and let others go. I eat many of the fish I catch, but it depends on the size too. I will usually let a fish go if it is my only keeper. I hate to clean just one fish. So if I have two keeper sized fish I will usually keep them. I wish there was a stream to fish in close by, but there is not. It is usually lake fishing for me. If I had a boat I could go to a couple of rivers nearby...but there is not bank access for people who don't own adjacent land. Sometimes, usually in the winter I go to Hawkins Lake. I caught some decent sized chain pickerel there with my son. They put up quite a fight. I have been to Caddo Lake at the state park pier, but usually don't do well there. I also have gone to a couple of community lakes nearby...and they are okay now and then to go to. I wish I knew some people who owned land and had ponds on there that had some fish. One friend of mine has a small pond, with mostly sunfish. I fished there a while back, and it was fun. I don't think her fish had ever seen a fly, so they were easy pickings! I released all of them back though.
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